Don't Panic

If your wondering, no, I don't have any idea what i'm doing. But that's okay! If you'll notice, there's a website here. That's gotta count for something :)

I don't really know how to explain myself. My purpose is to share my slice of the world with you. That early web idea of meeting eachother and learning new things isn't dead, as you know. I love peeking around and seeing the world everyone else is in. I think that if we all reported our human experiences on this Earth, we could benefit eachother. Especially those of us that are very lost and seem to have missed the breifing before we got thrown out here into person-hood.

I know this website isn't impressive. maybe it will be at some point. Im especially excited for things like shrines and playlists, so I can show you people stuff I enjoy in my world. Stuff like This, or this , or maybe even this . It might be too soon for that though.

Thanks for reading this far. ~Hail Eris~

- About Me -

Im BeeMilk :) I'm in my 20's and Im totally new to coding. I'm also a slow learner ^( '-' )^.